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Updated to version 1.2.0!

Have some Garbage or Trash? but can’t see a dustbin around? Don’t worry Dustbin Finder will help you find dustbins around you using GPS technology. You can also pay back to community by Locating dustbins and providing valuable feedback. Locating a dustbin is a 3 step easy task Enable GPS, Stand near the dustbin and Submit!

So please come and join the Dustbin Finder community to make Earth a clean place to live.

Help us and our database by listing more dustbins around you..

Best app to make India Clean.You can find here the dustbin details by which you can put your dust.

There is only one way to stop all people from putting trash in a recycle bin and that is by not having a recycle bin. This might mean more recyclable items go in the trash but I think most people will learn the system with a few cans and bottles on a table close by with a sign that says, “Please put empty cans and bottles on this table”. The keeper of the bin would then need to go and collect all the cans and bottles at the end of the day.

A large number of residents of the city seem to have no civic sense. People throw garbage by the roadside and in the parks at night. Even where there are dustbins provided by the Municipal Corporation (MC), residents are seen throwing garbage-filled polythene bags outside the bins and litter the space around. This pollutes the air and causes problems for residents who live in the vicinity of such dustbins. Maids washing courtyards throw the dirty water on the roads in front of the houses instead of throwing it into the gullies. And yet the house owners don’t say anything.

Moreover, people are seen walking on the left side of the road when they should walk on the right side. Because you can have an eye on the oncoming traffic and save yourself by stepping aside. While walking on the left side, one has to constantly turn and look back to save oneself from the traffic coming from behind. Such lessons must be taught during school days. But no one cares about such things. People here are frequently seen littering the roads by throwing rubbish from running cars. Whereas in the US, people are fined for such non-civic activities. The problem here is that the offenders are neither caught nor punished by the callous staff – whether it is the MC or police force. Minting money and fattening pockets by catching the wrongdoers has become the order of the lawmen here. In the US, the car drivers stop their vehicles if anyone is crossing the road. But here, the pedestrian crossing the road is showered with the choicest of abuses “… Anna hoyaan hain, dekhda nahin gaddi aarahi hai?” by the vehicle owner! What a contrast! When will we learn civic sense and act as responsible citizens?

Litter is any kind of trash thrown in small amounts, especially in places where it doesn’t belong. With time, it heaps up. The practice is unlawful because it costs municipalities millions of dollars annually in cleanup costs. It also portrays a bad picture of an area. The most frequent littered stuff include fast food packaging, cigarette butts, used drink bottles, chewing gum wrappers, broken electrical equipment parts, toys, broken glass, food scraps or green wastes.

Even practices such as leaving items overflowing beside a dust bin, deliberate throwing of items from vehicles, and abandoning items or wrappers by the roadside qualifies as littering. Littering is a dangerous activity and should not be taken lightly because it impacts the environment in multiple ways. In order to get a better understanding of littering, here is a list of its causes, problems and possible solutions.


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